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Welcome to Imtiaz Middle East. We are a professional services business that specialises in developing our clients’ organisational capabilities. By supporting and enhancing their performance in key areas, from strategic planning through to execution and delivery, we help them achieve sustainable success.

Your partner on the journey to excellence

Although we are a service provider, we think and behave like a business partner, and we act with all the passion and commitment you’d expect from a partner. We provide support, accept responsibility, share burdens and challenges, work towards a common goal and celebrate success when we get there.

How we work

Success is never easy to achieve, but that’s why we have a strong work ethic, and it’s why we invest such energy in building and nurturing close relationships with our clients. Only then can we fully understand their operations, their challenges and their objectives, and only by embedding ourselves within an organisation can we fully share our expertise and insights with its people.

What we achieve

This sharing of expertise is incredibly important to us, because ultimately our goal is to facilitate a high degree of skills transfer and leave a legacy of positive impact that continues to create value for our clients long after we’re gone.

Our Approach

The Imtiaz approach is very simple. We want to accompany our clients on their journey to excellence, which means working in partnership
with organisations to build their internal capability.

Combining assets

Our role in this partnership is to provide the kind of specialist knowledge and skills that aren’t typically available in-house. We employ these assets in a way that is compatible with the existing operational environment to create compelling solutions that are innovative in design, precise in execution, and customised to each client’s unique requirements.

Sustainable success

To achieve this, Imtiaz’s philosophy is to get to know our clients very closely, and wherever possible to work from inside their organisations, because that’s where the greatest value is added. Working within an organisation allows fluid and rapid transfer of knowledge and enables us to promote a culture of excellence throughout. By enhancing the capability of an organisation’s human assets, the improvement in organisational performance becomes self-sustaining.

A winning position

The benefits of such an approach are clear. Imtiaz has a proven track-record of helping clients to improve productivity, increase operational agility and build greater internal capabilities. In a climate of uncertainty and change, our goal is to create stronger, fitter organisations that are able to adapt quickly to changing conditions, to meet short-term challenges and achieve long-term success.

Our Services

Imtiaz works to develop our clients’ organisational capability in
three core areas: Human Resource Management, Marketing & Communications and Project Management.

Marketing &

Human Resource Management

Project Management

Marketing & Communications Excellence

The pace of change in every marketplace is now faster than ever, driven by expanding customer needs, emerging technologies, increased competitive pressures and fluctuating economic conditions. To survive in such a dynamic environment, organisations must be able to respond in an informed and effective manner. Yet to consistently perform well they must be able to lead as well as react. They must set direction and strategy that takes them forward and creates long-term value.

Imtiaz helps organisations create Marketing & Communications roadmaps that enable them to keep pace with changing conditions and deliver on their strategic objectives. We achieve this by developing a deep understanding of our clients’ operating environments, their internal capabilities, their customers, and their products and services.

We also consider external factors, from local and regional influences through to global drivers of change that can impact our clients’ markets. By giving organisations an informed insight into the way markets are evolving, we help guide their direction and strategy, and provide tangible executional plans for delivery.

We believe that Marketing & Communications Excellence is attained by applying strategic thinking within a robust Project Management framework. This ensures successful integration of all the diverse elements of marketing strategy and translates them into effective, practical solutions that are customised to each organisation’s brand, internal resources and operating environment.

The gist of it

Whether providing a stand-alone service within a specific discipline, or an integrated solution that spans all three, our goal is always to enhance our clients’ internal capabilities, making them better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s unpredictable world. We achieve this by adopting global best-practice in each of our three specialist business areas and applying it in a way that matches our clients’ values, culture and operating environment.

Holding it all together

In addition to being one of our core services, robust Project Management methodologies are applied across all our operations, ensuring our services are delivered within a strong, coherent framework that is aligned with our clients’ strategic objectives.

Our Work

Each organization is unique, we never use a cookie-cutter approach, and any case study can only provide pointers on how we might work with you. Perhaps the following examples are helpful in that respect.

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Marketing Excellence Case Study


Government Financial Institution


In implementing a major shift in strategic direction, the client needed to entirely reposition their brand. Effective communication to internal and external audiences was a key priority, with imagery and tone consistent across all channels, and messages delivered in a way appropriate to the target audience.
The external business environment demanded that the client continue with the launch of new products, the creation of a new corporate video, the leveraging of new strategic partnerships and participation at a career fair.

Each of these activities was designated business-critical, yet there was no internal marketing resource to deliver within time, scope and budget. The client therefore required a strong strategic marketing and consulting capability to create a roadmap compatible with tactical objectives and long-term corporate strategy, as well as a short term vehicle to deliver on urgent, ongoing requirements which had to be managed alongside the development of a new marketing strategy.

Imtiaz Process

  • Scoping of immediate requirements to build into a six month project plan to deliver urgent client needs
  • Assigning of on-site marketing consulting team to manage project plan and start building the foundation of a new marketing strategy
  • Development of marketing strategy consistent with new objectives, as well as a tactical and media plan broken down into small bites for easy implementation
  • Close collaboration with client’s existing team to ensure effective skills transfer around key marketing processes
  • Provision of support in planning future activity and incorporating the plan into the client’s overarching corporate strategy


  • In six months Imtiaz delivered a clear, coherent marketing strategy that was aligned with the new strategic direction. It presented the client with a highly detailed and very clear roadmap for achieving their strategic objectives, in addition to tactical plans for easy implementation by a non-strategic internal marketing team.
  • Delivery of a complete rebrand together with a new brand strategy consistent with the new corporate objectives.
  • Ongoing consulting and management of multiple projects, as well as collaboration with third parties to ensure timely delivery of all high-priority requirements.
  • Significant skills transfer to internal client marketing team, resulting in heightened in-house marketing expertise and enhanced ability to manage marketing projects.

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